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5 Places to Buy Home Accessories In Phuket

5 Places to Buy Home Accessories In Phuket

Five Best Places to Shop for Home Accessories In Phuket
by Jeremie Schatz,
14 October 2021

There are few things more personal than your home. Unless you’re going for a bare modern minimalist design with nothing but paintings of black circles on white backgrounds in your house, you’re going to need to know where to accessorize. Sure, you can find some knick knacks and daily necessities at the weekend market or Tesco Lotus, but Phuket has far finer choices than that for those with more discerning tastes. 

SB Design Square

Located on Chao Fa West between Central Festival and the big Tesco Lotus, SB Design Square is an interior design showroom and much more. It’s a giant cavernous 3-story building where you’ll find mock bedrooms, living rooms, and offices showcasing their respective design themes. 

SB Design Square | Credit: adaytochill.com

While SB Design Square often works with big clients, like furnishing dozens or hundreds of condos or villas, the general public is welcome. They have tons of options for furnishings, everything from living room sets to mattresses and pillows, kitchen accessories, built-in furniture options, wall decor, and more. One nice thing is they offer a wide range of products from simple and inexpensive to designer-style. 

Index Living Mall

Located just down the street from SB Design Square beside the Bangkok Siriroj Hospital, Index Living Mall has a fairly wide selection of home furnishing and accessory options. While they don’t offer the same level of complete and professionally curated interior design options as SB, there is plenty for shoppers to peruse. 

Index Living Mall | Credit: phuket-plaza.com

Furniture sets for all rooms of the house as well as outdoor can be found. There’s quite an extensive collection of individual items like office chairs, shelving units, kitchen utensils, tables, couches, area rugs, lamps and lighting, and much more. 


A more recent addition to the island’s home furnishings peddlers is everyone’s favorite Swedish ‘some-assembly-required’ marketplace. Despite the fact that you may have to pick up an engineering degree in your spare time in order to piece together some of their creations, the prices and quality are reputable for good reason. 

Ikea | Credit: ikea.com

Except for smaller household items, don’t expect to walk out the door with your purchase. Most items on display in the warehouse-like display room must be ordered and paid for in advance with delivery from their Bangkok facility several days later. It’s a slight inconvenience, but if shipped to the Phuket branch and you pick it up, there’s no charge, otherwise shipping can be arranged to your door for reasonable rates. 

As an extra bonus, they have a small selection of imported foods like pickled herring, chocolates, and other European comfort foods. 

House and Home Phuket

Just north of the King Power on Chao Fa West, is where you can find House and Home. It has more of a local mom-and-pop feel than the aforementioned big-box stores, but it’s worth a visit as well. 

House and Home Phuket | Credit: houseandhome.co.th

Here you’ll discover a selection of hardware options such as bathtubs, toilets, sinks, built-in lighting fixtures, and the like. One reason it’s worth a visit is for the unique decorative furnishings like carved wooden tables, wall panels, and more. Their offerings are more Thai-style compared to the other shops and you can let your inner amateur interior designer run wild. 


Home Pro Phuket | Credit: phuketall.com

With several locations around Phuket including near Chalong Circle and near the Tesco Lotus in Thalang, this chain of home improvement stores is the easy go-to for a wide range of home necessities. It’s the kind of place you go when you need a lamp or light bulb, an extension cord or a drill, tiles or a toilet, paint or fertilizer for your garden, a TV or showerhead, or a new fridge or washing machine. They’ve got a little bit of everything and every homeowner will likely step inside a Homepro at some point for something.