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English Language Nurseries and Kindergartens in Phuket

English Language Nurseries and Kindergartens in Phuket

Kindergartens and Nurseries for Children in Phuket
by Lisa Krystal,
10 December 2020

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and the size of the small Asian city Singapore and is a long-term heartthrob for many. Its unique blend of culture, modernity, serenity, and history makes it the ideal location for expatriates who want to enjoy a happy balance of Asian culture with western facilities.  

The island is surrounded by the Andaman Sea. It boasts an array of magnificent coves, turquoise bays and palm-fringed white beaches. Across the island, there are swathes of nature, including jungles, and ancient rubber plantations. Its convenient airport serves as an accessible hub to the rest of Asia. For families, it has some of the most excellent international schools, entertainment, dining and shopping facilities. 

Home in Phuket explores five kindergartens across the island that live by Froebel’s philosophies. 

Indigo Kids International Nursery & Pre-School

Kids enjoying extra-curricular classes outdoors

At Indigo Kids we provide extra-curricular classes. | Credit: indigophuket.com

Indigo Kids is located in the fashionable Cherngtalay district of Phuket. Its shady, green and secure environment boasts a spacious open-air play area that has ample facilities for games, jumping, climbing, digging and swinging. The school follows the English statutory Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. They also align themselves with the exceptional world-leading Finnish teaching ethics.  

Indigo Kids teachers are passionate about the importance of spontaneity, encouraging creativity, imagination and critical thinking. Instead of demanding homework, children are urged to spend time with their families and participate in a variety of hobbies, thus giving them a sense of empowerment. The team are passionate about nature, and they often have exploratory days out of school to discover more about the community and the importance of helping each other.  

ABC International Nursery Phuket

Kids playing with toys in a classroom

Learning about transport | Credit: ABC International Nursery and Pre-School, Phuket on Facebook

ABC Nursery is in the south of the island and has catchment areas covering Rawai, Nai Harn and Chalong. The kindergarten is housed in a bright, airy villa that provides a happy and safe environment for children. The British based International Primary Curriculum Early Years Programme is modular and progressive in its content. It is taught to children of varying nationalities, cultures and ages. 

The school puts a strong emphasis on creativity and experiential learning in classes such as yoga, slackline fun, dance, art, meditation, music, gardening and sports. The staff takes pride in the children from around the world and enjoy teaching with the aid of academic, social and sensory activities. They understand that learning is more meaningful when the children are happy, secure, ready, engaged and challenged. Each class has a maximum of 12 students. Emphasis is put on mindfulness and consideration as much as academic learning.

Buds International School

Kids playing in a classroom

Buds International School | Credit: Buds-phuket.com

Buds is located in Chalong and is ideally placed for the south-western catchment areas. Buds has a varied curriculum for young students which lets them learn while having fun. Whilst the teachers provide direction for the children, they also encourage students to be independent and prepare them for a full life. The school offers adaptable lesson plans, structured activities and flexible play.

The balanced atmosphere allows children to explore music and movement. Arts and crafts lessons include cutting, sticking, painting and drawing, sand and water play, and more structured activities comprise teaching numbers, letters and colours. They nurture and develop their international kindergarten students in English and Thai language skills, science, sport and social studies. 

British International School, Phuket    

A group of kids sitting on a sidewalk

British International School, Phuket | Credit: flickr.com

The British International School is on the east coast of Phuket and is a remarkable 44-acre campus for kindergarten to secondary school children. They offer boarding facilities, swimming pools, tennis courts, football pitches, and a golf centre. The school was an international pioneer for partnerships with the UK independent school sector and extended opportunities in the Arts and in Sport.

The multi-award-winning British International School provides education for over 900 day and boarding students from approximately 60 different nationalities. They pride themselves on their holistic and fun educational experiences for their younger students.

Headstart International School

3 kids reading a book

Headstart International School nursery | Credit: headstartphuket.com

This international school is enveloped by six-acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. It is centrally located so that it is easily accessible across the island. HeadStart is a co-educational, high achieving British International School that embraces children of all ages. They have a dynamic teaching staff that are the driving force behind their engaging learning programmes.

Headstart provides children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, an environment that is designed to support the development of children through play, experience, explore and learn methods. Whilst allowing them to develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally. Children have the opportunity to develop and maintain interests that can be extended through open-ended activities. 

Various studies have shown that children who ventured into a preschool education at a young age tend to perform better at school when they get older. Experts suggest it isn’t just important, it is essential. Of course, most of it is about mixing with other kids, having fun, even getting messy and being artistic.  But no doubt, going to nursery school and kindergarten provides a solid foundation for their school years.