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Current Project

Zenithy Pool Villas

The aesthetic pool villas locate in the central of northern area, Phuket, Thailand.  29 luxury private pool villas modestly situate   in the Pasak, Cherng Talay. The most prestigious living area in the island.  Combination of modern living design and natural mood of wood. Zenithy offers tropical prudent contemporary style. Woods in light color finishing present warm and welcoming experiences. Surrounded by verdant private garden and infinite green sight environment. Zenithy is a mixture of noble modern living and nature.

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Property News

Why Phuket?

Phuket, one of the world’s favorite destinations. Imagine of the white glossy sands, coconut trees by the blue ocean. There are always choices for any traveler’s taste or budget. Rich of culture, cuisine, thousand of hotels/resorts to choose from the Thailand’s biggest island as so called “Pearl of Andaman”. We have collected what are the best for Phuket to ensure you will not miss any fantastic attractions

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