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The Good Life: Why It's Easy to Fall in Love With Phuket

The Good Life: Why It's Easy to Fall in Love With Phuket

by Jeremie Schatz,
2 September 2021

Many people at some point daydream of running away to a tropical island. It’s a near universal picture of an idyllic life with the aqua marine water, swaying coconut trees, and hammocks. On the other hand, the glossy picture can start to lose its luster when really thinking about the reality of it. Natural disasters, tropical diseases like malaria, local cultures, conveniences, travel, and earning a living are just a few things that can affect the quality of equatorial living. For most, perfection is unattainable, but some places strike the right balance for the right people – and many find Phuket has this balance. 

The Place

Palm trees and a blue sky on Patong Beach

Tropical beach | Credit: freepik

Phuket is basically the epitome of a picturesque tropical island. Relaxing on one of the island’s west coast beaches with the Andaman Sea’s warm waves crashing on fine white sand while the sunset hues saturate the sky will make you question whether you're still in reality or a dream. Sticking with our theme of balance, you can find small, undeveloped, uncrowded beaches for solace and boisterous ones like Patong at the other end of the spectrum. 

The People

An older Thai couple smiling

Thailand – ‘the Land of Smiles’ | Credit: IMPACT Group

Thailand is nicknamed “the land of smiles” for a reason; Thai people are very friendly and welcoming. In Phuket, the majority of people are open and happy to engage with foreigners. Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time here will have many stories of Thai people going well out of their way to help them in one way or another. Some visitors actually get suspicious and question the motives of a stranger helping them, but it’s simply the goodhearted nature of people here. 

Modern Conveniences

The front of the main terminal at Phuket International Airport

Phuket International Airport  | Credit: mgronline.com

Phuket has seen significant development in recent years which has led to bolstering of infrastructure and a diverse business landscape – the benefits of a strong economy (pre-covid19). Life in Phuket 30 years ago was a far different prospect compared to the present day. We now have a recently expanded international airport which, under normal circumstances, has direct flights to destinations all over Asia, Australia, Europe, and more. A separate domestic terminal has numerous, inexpensive flights to Bangkok and other cities around Thailand. It’s never been easier to travel and there are a plethora of intriguing places to visit within a few hours flight. 

All of the necessities, and many luxuries, are easily acquired now. You can literally buy a Ferrari in Phuket while some popular areas of Phuket didn’t even have paved roads 20 years ago. The internet is lightning fast and incredibly reliable nowadays connecting you to the rest of the world including e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, and AliExpress where almost anything can be delivered to your door, and surprisingly fast. 

The Food!

A table with many Thai dishes laid out

Phuket local food  | Credit: guide.michelin

Yes, we discuss this a lot. But why not? After all, our existence relies upon it, but for many Phuketians, we don’t simply eat to live, we live to eat. Naturally, the local cuisine is top-notch which is why Phuket is a designated UNESCO City of Gastronomy. The culture around food runs deep and is as varied and unique as it gets. On top of that, the tourist industry and expat population nourishes ethnic restaurants from all corners of the globe. 

Perhaps the ways in which one can fall in love with Phuket is somewhat of a foregone conclusion for many, but for those who call Phuket home, we’re reminded of these reasons on a daily basis.