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Phuket for Families & Kids

Phuket for Families & Kids

The Benefits of Raising Kids in Phuket
Why Phuket is a great choice for families with a wide choice of schools, family activities and an idyllic natural environment.
Is Phuket Family Friendly?
It’s a big life decision to uproot your family and move abroad, and even more so if kids are part of the equation.
Best Kids Clubs in Phuket
The best places to take your little ones for a fun-filled afternoon.
Muay Thai for Kids
Throughout Phuket, there are plenty of Muay Thai schools and gyms with classes for kids.
Sea Kayaking with John Gray
Journey to the stunning sea caves and towering limestone karsts of Phang Nga Bay with this local legend.
Learning to Sail for Kids in Phuket
Sailing courses for kids can help set them up for a lifetime of outdoor fun and education.
Learning to Dive in Phuket
Your first experience of the magical underwater world will be one of the most memorable things you ever do.
English Language Nurseries and Kindergartens in Phuket
Here's our list of some of the best options for pre-schools and daycare on the island.
International Schools in Phuket, What You Need to Know
Phuket has a growing number of quality internationally accredited schools.
Top 6 Fun Fun Activities for Kids in Phuket
Whether big or small, Phuket has plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained.