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Phuket Travel Tips

Phuket Travel Tips

Where are the Electric Vehicles In Phuket?
There are still very few electric vehicles in Thailand and Phuket, but change is coming.
Coworking Spaces In Phuket
Dedicated coworking spaces are a fairly recent phenomenon in Phuket but a growing number can be found around the island.
5 Thai Laws You Should Know To Stay Out of Trouble In Phuket
Learning a few of the quirks of Thailand's legal system can help you avoid inadvertently falling foul of the law.
Cultural Practices You May See in Phuket
If you will be spending time in Phuket its a good idea to learn a little about the cultural practices to avoid inadvertently coming across as rude.
What Phuket is Like During the Covid19 Era
Phuket and its people have been wethering the storm and will hopefully come out the other side intact, but some things may have changed forever.
Great Places for a Staycation in Phuket
Ideas for short stays in and around Phuket including nearby islands or glamping in islands lush hills.
A Five-Minute History of Phuket
Phuket certainly has a long and storied history rich with intrigue. Here’s the condensed version.
A Quick Guide to the Phuket Sandbox
Thinking about traveling to Phuket but not sure how the sandbox works? Read our guide to the Phuket sandbox model for international tourists.
Day Tripping in Phuket
Phuket is Thailand's largest island that is bursting with things to do, from exploring its natural wonders, white sandy beaches, or storied cultural heritage.
Leaving Phuket for a Day or Two
Within a couple hours drive or boat ride from Phuket are some of the world's most extraordinary landscapes that you should definitely be on your to-do list.
Dangerous Animals Found in Phuket and How to Avoid Them
Phuket is home to plenty of insects, and other creepy crawlies, some of which have the ability to ruin your day if you are not careful.
Monsoon Living in Phuket
If life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and when monsoon season arrives, go play in the rain